Running Rhino

Modular adventure parks


At Flying Rhino, we have developed a new and innovative product through years of experience – small modular adventure parks suitable for a wide range of users. Our innovative modular system allows for easy use both for commercial purposes and in your own backyard.


The “RUNNING RHINO” modular park is a certified product and complies with the SIST EN 1176-1-2018 standard.

Advantages of the modular system


In addition to affordability, the advantage of the Flying Rhino product lies in its easy installation, as it does not require pre-prepared terrain. In this case, all concrete work and earthworks are eliminated, and obtaining permits and documentation for the park is practically a thing of the past.


Safe and affordable adrenaline-fueled fun is now accessible to everyone.

    Unlimited setup possibilities


    Our modular adventure park system offers a wide range of possibilities for various exercises and setups.


    Depending on the situation, you can arrange the system in different shapes, such as a straight line, an S-shape, a square, and more. Various exercises are also available, including nets, swings, moving elements, and numerous other options.


    The final design of the modular system depends on imagination and the available space.

    Who is it intended for?


    The “RUNNING RHINO” modular system is designed for children aged between 3 and 12 and doesn’t require any prior psychophysical abilities.

    Additional equipment?


    Climbing also doesn’t necessitate any additional equipment. Its simple usability will provide children with extended enjoyment and activity.



    Price for the modular system starts at 2500 EUR. Prices vary depending on customization and additional features.

    Let’s build something

    Contact us. We provide you with the whole process.

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