Design, construction and maintenance of adventure parks and ziplines

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We are a company specialized in designing and building treetop adventure parks and ziplines.

We are with you throughout the process


  • talk to you and view the location
  • planning and 3D display of the park
  • construction of the park and obtaining permits for use
  • park costruction maintenance
  • instructor training

All parks are built according to the EU standard SIST EN 15667-1 and inspected by Vertic’Alps Expertise according to the ISO 17-020 standard.

    Adventure parks / High ropes courses / Treetop adventures


    Different excercises on different heights usually placed on trees but also on pillars and other objects. They are becoming popular in shopping malls and urban centres. Visitors climb and slide over different obstacles of various difficulty levels. From litlle kids to adults that need bigger challenges.

    Kids parks


    Different excersises/games close to the ground that don’t need safety systems. For kids from 3 years old. Usually themed to make them more attractive to kids.

    Net parks


    Crossing net, tarzan jump, net trails, chimney net…

    Zipline parks


    Series of short and/or longer ziplines connected together to form a complete course. They can be integrated into adventure parks or as a stand alone unit.



    One or more ziplines that are longer than 150 m and form an attraction by itself. The difference between zipline parks is that a zipline is usually longer than 150 m and the angles can vary.

    zipline construction

    Safety systems


    Kanopeo continous safety systems (speedrunner and saferoller) are one of the safest on the market. When you connect to the wire at the start of the course you can not unclip until you reach the end on the ground. That means more safety, less staff and more throughput.



    We offer different types of platforms.

    Standard impregnated round spruce base.

    Standard impregnated round spruce base.

    Natural-eco friendly larch square base

    Natural-eco friendly larch square base

    New insert base platforms by Clip`fil


    Evolving to make them more tree-friendly.
    This platforms are developed by friends at Clip’fil by Kujanak.
    They have been testing them for years and we all agree they harm trees much less than the old system used around the world.

    New insert base platforms by Clip`fill

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